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Massage therapy allows us to slow down and reconnect with our bodies, while soothing strained muscles and inviting full-body relaxation. The skilled practitioners at our Jupiter Beach spa will tailor each service to address your body’s unique needs, including your preferred amount of pressure. From rejuvenating, Deep-Tissue massages to Warm Stone offerings, our massage services are the perfect complement to your stay at our Jupiter Beach resort.

To reserve an appointment, please contact The Spa at Jupiter Beach Resort at 561.745.7177 or simply dial 7177 from your room at the resort.

Traditional Swedish Massage

This most well-known and widely practiced form of classic massage uses a light touch, long, flowing strokes and gentle transitions designed to warm and relax muscles in preparation for such techniques as kneading and applying medium pressure. This treatment will relax, revitalize and renew your body. Benefits include increased blood and lymph circulation, eased tension and energetic revitalization.
50 minutes | $115
80 minutes | $170

Deep-Tissue Massage

A therapeutic treatment aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and connective tissue. While using many of the same techniques as traditional Swedish, the pressure is more intense and focused as your therapist works to release chronic muscle tension. Alleviate discomfort while addressing problematic joint and muscular areas with focused medium to firm pressure.
50 minutes | $140
80 minutes | $195

Warm Stone Massage

Enter a state of pure bliss as smooth warm basalt stones bring increased circulation and relief to your sore and aching muscles. Careful stone placement combined with soothing massage using these stones as therapeutic tools, encourages a sense of incredibly deep peace and contentment.
50 minutes | $135
80 minutes | $175

OPAL Signature Perfect Massage

Since the body constantly changes as well as your treatment needs, we create the perfect massage for you based on what your body needs for healing and restoration. This perfect massage allows you and your technician to combine any of our available massage therapies into one perfect massage created just for you. 80 minutes | $230


Mommy to Be

Especially now when your body desperately needs relaxation and relief, experience this safe and gentle, stress relieving massage designed to pamper you and your baby. Natural botanical extracts soothe the senses and provide a sense of contentment and well-being.
50 minutes | $115

Note: Please consult your physician prior to massage. You must be past your first trimester to receive this treatment.

couple's Massage

Quality time has never been so relaxing! Enhance your personalized massage experience with a friend or loved one in the privacy of our Duet Suite. 50 or 80 minutes.
50 minutes | $140 per person
80 minutes | $195 per person


Eastern tradition believes the body’s meridians are represented on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. This healing treatment applies acupressure to central reflex points on feet and hands to improve circulation and health of vital organs and joints.
25 minutes | $75 
50 minutes | $130

Scalp Massage

A rich warm-oil treatment steeped in healing botanicals is massaged into the scalp and hair. A dual treatment designed to simultaneously relieve stress and tension while leaving you with shiny, luxurious hair as an added benefit.
25 minutes | $65

Specialty Massage


A deep tissue massage designed to treat and relax sore muscles, ease tendon pain and relieve stiff joints with a combination of therapeutic techniques and nature’s pharmacy of arnica, sweet birch and magnesium.  Arnica helps to reduce inflammation and soothes muscle aches. 
50 minutes | $140
80 minutes | $195

Antara CBD Balance Massage 

(Swedish Massage 50 minutes $145, 80 minutes $195,  Deep Tissue 50 minutes $175, 80 minutes $230) Bring harmony to the body with this CBD and arnica enhanced massage that cares for tired muscles, soothes skin and re-boots the mind.


Since the body constantly changes as well as your treatment needs, we created the perfect massage for you based on what your body needs for healing and restoration, using our signature massage oil. This individualized massage allows you and your technician to combine a myriad of modalities into one perfect massage created just for you.  A unique take home gift is included with this treatment.
80 minutes | $230


Discover a complete experience that begins with a personal consultation, and leaves you with a transformed state of mind.  These holistic treatments for the body & mind are specifically choreographed to complement and enhance the effects of your chosen Aromatherapy Associates experience.  The therapeutic essential oil blends help to Relax, Revive, De-stress and promote Inner Strength.  Each experience targets where the body and mind meet.  (This unique massage experience may include techniques on the face and abdomen.)
80 minutes | $230

*Please note gratuity is subject to change without notice.
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